Monday, July 4, 2011

UK Tour Day 8

 By: Meghan Fitton, Premier Choir
Meghan has been in BCC for four years. She is fifteen years old. 

Another exciting day for BCC! First off, I'd like to say HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! Even though we are in the UK, we have not failed to celebrate this American holiday, and the people here have informed us that they do not hold a grudge! Our day started out at around 7:30 with a yummy breakfast from the hotel. Next, we traveled by bus, singing the whole way, to the Forest Arts Centre where we had a workshop with Forest Arts Centre Youth Chorus. 

The Forest Arts Choir -- they were awesome!
We made new friends, and shared our diverse repertoire with each other. We also had a chance to collaborate; PC taught the girls "We Are" and YME taught the few men in Forest Arts chorus our rendition of "Working on the Railroad." But the most memorable moment of our experience there was when everyone belted out "Good Morning Baltimore" from the musical Hairspray! Believe it or not, "Good Morning Baltimore" is in Forest Arts Chorus' regular repertoire -- It was so much fun! 

Us performing at the Forest Arts Center. Please note the American flag... Happy Fourth!

After that, we went back to our hotel in Birmingham for some free time of resting, shopping and sightseeing. Our hotel fee Once that time ended, we headed to the CBSO Centre for a joint concert with the CBSO Youth Chorus. They were also a very talented group, and we were fotrunate to sing two pieces with them as well. 

YME with Greg Beardshaw, arranger of "Joshua Fit the Battle" 
We got to reunite with Simon Halsey and meet the composer of one of our favorite songs "Battle of Jericho," Greg Beadshaw. Today was very successful and even though we weren't in the  US we had a great holiday! 

Simon Halsey and the CBSO pianist having a moment. They were so fun to work with!


mamacook said...

A trifecta of blogs! Thank you x3! You all look great. Thanks to Mr. Howse for posting the song on twitter. It was earily beatiful. Enjoy each moment! Please tell Alex the hotel he is staying in in London is not too far from Redcliffe Square where we stayed in 2006. Maybe the Chileans will be playing soccer in the park!

Carlos Simental's Mom said...

Wonderful...I love the pictures and all the anecdotes, HAPPY 4TH OF JULY for all of you!!!

lorraine said...

Great job on this blog my beautiful granddaughter. So happy you are having such a great time and meeting "new" friends. All is well here with my little grandcats. I am taking great care of them!