Saturday, July 2, 2011

UK Tour Day 5

By: Isabel Koyama, Premier Choir
Isabel has been a member of BCC for eight years. She is fifteen years old. 

It is day four of our journey and unfortunately we had to wave a sad "cheerio" to Scotland today. Just before crossing the border we stopped at a puny town snuggled between the hills of Scotland and England. Just before our arrival, our tour guide gave us a brief history of the town. Apparently it was the first place that Scotts and Brits were allowed to elope without their parents' consent! Anyway, the town was pretty touristy but the countryside was beautiful. My friends and I took pictures by the rolling hills while sheep baaa'd angrily at us from behind! 

Lots of time on the bus today!
Our next stop was Hadrian's Wall, a historic site over 2,000 years old. We visited a museum, where we learned about the Roman Army and watched a brief 3D movie! Then we were given ample time to explore the site. Although the remains of the site aren't much more than lines of rocks slightly above ground level, the visit was a pleasant breath of fresh air. At around 4 pm we loaded the bus to journey to the hotel, our last destination of the day. Many of the choirsters took a snooze during this drive. I was sitting in front of Danny, who was so deeply asleep that his eyes were partly open and rolled back and he was beginning to drool! He was not the only one. 

Some people participated in "recruitment" for the Roman Army by learning how to make the "tortoise formation" with shields... here's the before!

And the after!
This hotel is a lot fancier and nicer than the other hotel. However, this time we'll really have to learn how to be quiet, because we are sharing the Inn with a group of (as Ben Hires calls it) "Grandma-like people." Nevertheless, there is a spa and a pool and an operating phone in every room, so I am content. Dinner was buffet style, and actually had healthy choices as opposed to pasta, which has seemed to be a dinner theme of the trip. I stuffed myself and am now carrying a happy food baby. 

Yummy dinner!
The day was fun and full of history! Unfortunately I can't go into more detail because the staff has set a 10 o'clock curfew with no exceptions. But i'll end with this; each day of this trip has brought new experiences and also challenges. BCC singers miss home as always, but we continue to approach each day with great focus and energy. Cheerio!

A Note from Casey: Sorry for the delay on this post, the internet isn't great here! The post about Day 6 (July 2nd) and Day 7 (July 3rd) will hopefully be up on the 3rd around 6pm Boston time. Thanks for your patience! I read the comments aloud on the bus today and everyone enjoyed hearing from parents and fans. Keep it up!


elizabeth.strzepa said...

yo yo gangstas! i read the blog erryday and am SO JEALOUS AND SAD that i am not there with you all. i miss the long bus rides, staring out the windows and listening to my ipod softly as the strange conversations of fellow choir members fill my ears. but actually, i miss the weird food and sweating in bcc tshirts. WAH!!! i knew i should have came! tell mr. tk that he should have let alums come. also isabel: i LOL'd at your food baby comment. such a great line. anyway, if you read these aloud on the bus, tell everyone i say PINKIES UP. I BETTER SEE THE PINKIES UP IN FACEBOOK PICS. adios muchachos. au revoir. pip pip cheerio. peace out. deuces. BYE.

Bob Siefert said...

Making your way toward London, eh? Between the blog and watching WImbledon, I almost feel like I am there! Glad to hear that the food has improved. Stay happy and well, and make sure those golden voices are getting ready for the next performance. By the way, post some pictures of the adults, too, just so that we know that they are there!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the facebook photos. Did Aaron tell you that you were near the Hume Castle when you visited Hadrian's wall on the border? Yup, there's a Hume castle (crumbling) and a Hume family manor house that's a B&B now. We're enjoying the blog. Laurie, Barb and Michael