Thursday, October 17, 2013

Interview with Taylor Bodman, Brown Brothers Harriman


Taylor S. Bodman is Partner at the investment bank Brown Brothers Harriman. Taylor is also passionate about music, and spent most of his young life immersed in music theory, conducting, composition and music history. He started out singing in a church choir in San Francisco and continued to sing in school in Washington D.C. He speaks here about the experience of music and the delight in having rules, and then breaking them. He shares how the analytical skills developed while learning music helped him in his career.

Ultimately he speaks about how music gave him an openness and versatility that was beneficial to life overall.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Interview with Catherine D'Amato, The Greater Boston Food Bank


Catherine D'Amato is President/ CEO of The Greater Boston Food Bank and comes from a strong musical background where she has performed at Fenway, recorded albums and toured. Here she talks to BCC about the value of a musical education and how it helped her career, along with the joy music has brought to her life.

She describes music as an "equalizer" and speaks about specific singing skills she has brought to her career approach, and how she let music play in her life.

Find out more about The Greater Boston Food Bank.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Interview with Khamari Barnes

Khamari Barnes is a member of the Boston Children's Chorus. Here he talks to Kathy Newman about his growth within the chorus, Michael Jackson and other influences on his artistic outlook.

He also has many, many, many followers on Twitter!