Monday, April 12, 2010

Jim Papoulis visits Concert Choir!

On April 7th, Jim Papoulis, Director of The Young People's Chorus of New York City and Foundation for Small Voices visited Concert Choir rehearsal. Molly and Elizabeth McGrath, Concert Choir members reflected on the experience...

"Concert Choir had the opportunity to work with Jim Papoulis last Wednesday! We wrote a song with him during our rehearsal last week. It is amazing how Mr. Papoulis can pull music out of thin air and play it on the piano. Kids in the choir sang sounds softly as he played and wrote the song with us. He asked “What is music?” A simple question. Some of the choir responded with “emotions fitted to sound”, and that’s what he worked into the song with us. He asked us to share our favorite things about music and our negatives against it, and how we feel. When it was time to focus on lyrics, he asked us for words that described those feelings. It was really cool to see how different and alike we all are. We had an awesome time writing a song with friends and with a Mr. Papoulis. We shared our creative ability through feelings and let a small piece of us fuel the music; it all fit together in perfect harmony. It was really cool to have a song at the end of the day that reflects what we think and who we are." - Molly and Elizabeth McGrath