Monday, July 4, 2011

UK Tour Day 7

By: Jillian Baker, Premier Choir
Jillian has been in BCC for seven years. She is seventeen years old. 

Today was a travel day.  We left the wonderful Gateshead and traveled for 3 hours to Fountains Abbey, the largest monastic ruins in England.  We were exhausted from the busy day before, so many slept for the 3 hour ride, however others (myself included) jammed to Hip-Hop, tunes from  Hairspray, and continuous Lady Gaga. 

Lookin' glamorous at Fountains Abbey!
Before arriving at the Fountains Abbey, we took a quick stop to pick up lunches to eat there.  The Fountains Abbey was absolutely amazing.  At the bottom, there were ruins of St. Mary's Church, that slightly resembled the ruins in Jerash that we saw when we toured Jordan in 2009. 
The Water Garden -- breathtaking!
It was a nice sunny day, a perfect day to have a picnic on the green grass.  As I walked out of the Abbey the path took a slight incline, much like the path out of Petra in Jordan (although it was not nearly as warm) and I felt grateful for how much history BCC has exposed me to through touring.
Some of the wonderful staff -- this one's for you, Bob! 
 Once our visit to the Abbey was over, we continued to travel 2 more hours to Birmingham.  We checked into the Jurys Inn (thank goodness it had elevators unlike our last hotel, because there are at least 15 floors here!) and ate a delicious vegetarian dinner at Cafe Rouge, which was one of the most enjoyable dinners we've had so far on this tour.  Overall it was a relaxing day, which we definitely needed because we were so exhausted from days past. 

Most of this year's seniors. We are going to miss them so much!!!


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Mrs M said...

Hey Jilly B! Loved to hear how things are going! Where are the pictures with YOU in them?
Love Mrs M