Monday, July 4, 2011

UK Tour Day 6

By: Jen Cox, Premier Choir
Jen has been in BCC for three years. She is seventeen years old.

The Millennium Bridge allowing boats to pass under it by "winking" (flipping on its side!) 

Today we had one of the biggest performances of our entire UK tour! We had the great honor to sing with the Quay (pronounced "key") Voices, Lads and Lasses at the Sage, Gateshead. The Quay Voices were high school aged and above, and the Lads and Lasses were about age 7-12. The Lads and Lasses had only started up in September, but were already very advanced in their musical ability. It was so interesting to see the cultural contrast between the Quay singers and us; the Quay singers stood straight and were prim and proper, while we moved around more. It was such a great experience to be exposed to their culture and also to share ours. 

Our view from the stage at the Sage, Gateshead! It was an AWESOME performance venue!
Prior to the concert, BCC and the Quay singers had dinner together at a tapas restaurant called La Tasca. The food was delicious, and we were able to get to know the other choirs. Everyone was wonderfully friendly!
We made lots of new friends from the Quay choirs!

The concert hall was beautiful, seating 2000 people. We stood on high risers onstage and were able to see the very enthusiastic audience. We also had the amazing opportunity to be conducted by Simon Halsey, who is arguably the most prolific conductor of our time. He has won three grammy awards and currently conducts two of the top 10 choirs in the world. I'm very proud to say that he will be our guest conductor in the 2011-2012 season, so it is wonderful to have met him in advance of collaborating with him next spring. It was such a rewarding experience.
All of us outside the Sage with the Millennium bridge in the background. So many sights to see, so little time! 


Anonymous said...

The concert was superb, well done to everyone. It was great for my young Quay Lad to be involved and he will be so pleased when I show him the photo of you all on your blog. I am sure that the 'home' choirs enjoyed it as much as you did. Best of luck with the rest of your tour and for next season too.

Jane Kokernak said...

Great picture, BCC! I think Lydia Guterman looks especially happy. ;)


Janet Cox said...

Hi Jen! Great blog and pics. You look like you are having a terrific time.

Maria said...

Reading the blog almost feels like I'm on a sight seeing tour myself. What wonderful times all of you are having. Enjoy, enjoy! and proud that you all celebrated Independence Day! Terrific.

Anonymous said...

Hi am from the quay choirs and you were immense. I luv ur blog. Hi Christina (just thought i would add that)!!!!!!!

Boston Children's Chorus said...

Thanks for all of the positive comments! We're having a really great time and are glad we can keep you updated.