Monday, July 7, 2008

Oregon Tour Update: Day 9

This was the earliest morning of the tour by far, as everyone was required to be at the church at 4:30AM to head to the Airport. Our gracious host families drove us to the church, and we thanked them for being so kind and opening their homes to us, then boarded the bus. Once at the airport, we gathered into family groups, checked in, went through security, and prepared to travel back home to Boston. After getting situated, many of us took the opportunity to get some sleep, relax, and prepare to part from BCC for the summer. This flight did not feel nearly as long as the one over to Oregon, and was over in no-time, although we did have to briefly stall in the air over Logan as there were thunderstorms in the Boston area. Once we reached the airport, we had plenty of business to attend to in a very little amount of time. We voted for next season's Premier Co-Presidents and gathered to distribute superlatives, a BCC tradition. Each tour, choir members come up with a superlative for each member, examples being "most talkative" or "most likely to fall off-stage" which are then distributed accompanied by lots of laughter. This year's superlatives were quite successful and left everyone feeling loved and accepted. At baggage claim, singer gave big hugs to each other, and headed home feeling accomplished and missing BCC dearly!

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