Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Oregon Tour Update: Day 5

We awoke on Saturday filled with jubilation for the coming day. After a brief breakfast (which was later than usual, 8:30!) we headed to rehearsal, in which we prepared to perform at the U.S. Olympic Trials. The fantastic people from Spivey Hall Children's Choir managed to create a perfect numbering system that made it possible for us to line up at the performance. We practiced the songs that we were going to perform (Wir Eilen, Psalm 47, and Hope For Resolution) and then lined up to walk to the field upon which we were to perform at. After magically fitting onto the stage and risers, we performed a solid performance for a very interested crowd that rewarded us all with a standing ovation. Afterwards, we had a yummy lunch and then broke up into groups for free-time. Some chose to attend a discussion with the famous and fabulous Anton Armstrong, a legend in the choral world who is quite inspiring, and others relaxed and took trips into town.
Finally we traveled to the dining hall for dinner and then got all dolled up to attend the Bach B Minor mass at the beautiful Holt Center in Eugene. In our formal attire we boarded the bus, did our classic count off, and departed for town-center. Upon arrival at the Holt Center, we quickly made our way to our seats, and settled into the comfy chairs for the two and a half hour concert. We were all wow-ed by the performance and felt touched by the passion clearly radiating from every being on stage. We were fairly exhausted afterwards and returned to our dorms to get a good nights sleep, however, the ladies in the girls dorm had a late night pizza craving and ordered-out from a local pizzeria, creating a bonded feeling felt by all.

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