Monday, July 7, 2008

Oregon Tour Update: Day 8

After being fed delicious breakfasts by our host families, we gathered back at All Saints to begin our day of sightseeing. Our first stop was the Multnomah Waterfall, an absolutely beautiful waterfall that was amazing to see in person, and also a fantastic photo-op. Some singers chose to hike all the way to the upper falls, while others made their way to the lower falls. Fun was had by all! We re-boarded the bus and then headed to a fish breeding facility, which was truly thrilling! We got to see fish ranging in size from less than an inch long, to over 6 feet. We munched on wonderfully prepared box-lunches and then headed to see some skilled sportsmen using the wind to propel their sports gear, which was very interesting. Many of us also attempted to skip rocks, however Mr. Tk took the cake for best rock-skipper. We got back on the bus once again, and headed to All Saints to rehearse for our final performance. Although our energy was running low, we rehearsed for an hour and a half, running problem spots in our songs, and practicing performance formations. We then feasted on a tasty dinner of lasagna and ice cream provided by the fantastic church community at All-Saints. After a final meeting where we gathered our thoughts, we headed into the hall for our last concert of the season! We gave it our all, leaving nothing left in our tanks as a final farewell to the '07-'08 season. Emotions were running high and many felt strong emotions both in performance and afterwards, feeling a strong sense of accomplishment realizing how much of a loving family Premier has become.

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