Monday, August 18, 2008

Camp For Young Singers '08

Guest Writer: Cyrus Dahmubed

This year the Boston Children’s Chorus held its annual Camp for Young Singers on August 11-15. This camp is designed for singers who have been accepted into the training choirs of the BCC for the upcoming season. This year 37 children participated in camp and they are going to be by far the most impressive and successful group of young singers the chorus has ever seen! The transformation that the singers made between Monday and Friday can be called nothing less than astonishing. Led by Mrs. Michelle Adams, Ms. Whitney Simmonds, Ms. Sarah Haughton and Ms. Valerie Ross, many of the young musicians went from never having seen a piece of music to reading and understanding music and even learned the basics of conducting and notation!

The camp was coordinated and facilitated by Ms. Isabelle Darling and Mr. Ray Daniels, and this years camp mentors were all singers who had been in either Premier Choir or Young Men’s Voice Class for at least one year and who had applied for the position and had been accepted based on their musical excellence and leadership skills. With the help of the staff and mentors the young singers learned much more than just music skills, but also proper rehearsal behavior and valuable life lessons. These singers are now a step ahead of their peers who have been accepted into the BCC this year and who will not have the advantage of all the knowledge the young singers gained at camp. These singers truly are the next generation of the Boston Children’s Chorus; they are Boston’s newest ambassadors and will implement social change throughout the world through music.

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