Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Post MLK

So many voices...special BCC's annual tribute concert is built upon VOICE. Get Vocal. Join Us. The one voice that we all stop to listen to ironically is the man standing in front of the screen waving his arms around- something exuberantly, sometimes mournfully. No, not our artistic's the weatherman. He gave us an off-green light as a light snow was to be the only thing standing between BCC and a lively night of song. It merely dusted outside but inside Jordan the energy whipped up to construct a memorable occasion.

I could waffle on, dusting off my thesaurus looking for 50 different ways to say "SUPERB" so why not hand it over to some kind folks who emailed. Here's what they said:

"The concert was absolutely amazing and the best one I have been to. Please tell everyone kudos and thank you for a wonderful job, so well done. You should have all been singing at the Inauguration! I enjoyed the concert so much. "

"We LOVED the concert!  So much more than we expected.  All the kids looked they were really having a great time.  Thanks so much for making us ambassadors for the day!  Would love to see more of BCC in future concerts"

"Was a great concert, so glad I brought folks who had not yet been to a BCC concert. They were left speechless! Stay warm!"

"There is nothing to say except it was wonderful and what an outstanding tribute to Dr. King.  The young people in the chorus have had such an opportunity and so many more await them."  

"An extraordinary evening, yet again . Sing. Sing. Sing"

"I cried and I didn't care. The songs warmed my soul so much that I didn't notice the snow outside."


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