Thursday, January 3, 2013


Gabrielle Brutus & Olivia Geneus

"The songs give me goosebumps," says Olivia Geneus just before she plunges into the first rehearsal back from the Holidays. It's Thursday and it is COLD.

It's Olivia's first MLK Concert with PC. Gabrielle has done 3 or 4 MLK concerts. The level of song memorization has ramped up, and that brings a bit of pressure. "Focus at rehearsals gets it done," according to Gabrielle. "The theme of the concert tells a lot like don't judge a book by its never know somebody until you actually get to know them."

"A Change Is Gonna Come" resonates with the two singers as it provides a connection to the spirit of the civil rights movement. It also drives the singers to want to know more of the era where MLK demanded we focus on humanity and unity.  "It sounds so good when the Young Men's Ensemble are here and you get the melodies going. When everyone sings together, it really works," says Olivia.

The special guests do add a "buzz" to the special evening. On November 4th, everyone enjoyed Patrick Chung's enthused participation in the season-opener. But at the end of the day it's the hard work of knowing your music, revising everything, knowing your notes, everything; and then to ask questions if you're confused. It requires...content of characater.

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