Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Hola BCC family! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Now after such a relaxing break, BCC in heading into the busiest weeks of the season; the rehearsals leading up to MLK! We'll be having words from our singers about MLK and how they feel about the History behind it, and how their futures have opened up in the spirit of Martin Luther King by being able to have the opportunity to follow the future they want.
Here's a word from our singer from Young Men's Ensemble; a wonderful and talented young man who has quite a bit to offer the world! Expanding his musical horizons, Khamari Barnes has originals published for many to see; check out his facebook page at!

"BCC has been one of the best tools I’ve ever encountered in my life. Tool as in life tools. BCC has taught me so much I thought I already knew about music, but did not. I can honestly say that BCC and its staff are the reason that I am the person I am today.

Musically, I only knew the foundation. I started in Dorchester Intermediate Choir where I was behooved by the amount of information that I would have to learn in order to be a professional musician. Though the hours of rehearsal were pretty consuming, the experience is unlike anything you experience else-where.

Since my start of BCC, I have graduated thorough the system to YME. YME is even more time consuming, but the pay off is amazing. After traveling the world with my best friends, I have realized a lot about myself, and about my friends. BCC has given me the opportunity to go places I would have never gone other wise.

Outside of BCC, using the tools I’ve been provided to write some of my own music!"

~Khamari Barnes
Young Men's Ensemble

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