Monday, February 23, 2009

Performances Leading up to MLK weekend!

Thursday January 15th was a big day for the Boston Children’s Chorus. Really any Thursday is a big day for BCC because Premier Choir, Lyric Choir, and West End House rehearse, but this was an extra-big day. It was Premier/Young Men’s final rehearsal before the start of MLK weekend and West End House has a performance at Concord Carlisle High School’s MLK program. Anticipation and excitement rose at BCC central as the elite choirs put final touches on their set, while WEH wow-ed the audience at CCHS. MLK weekend was off to a good start!

Friday January 16th was yet another big day. The staff was busy making sure everything was going to run smoothly for MLK weekend, and BCC’s Concert Choir had the opportunity to perform at Temple Israel’s MLK jr. Shabbat Service. This was not just the regular go onstage, sing a few songs, file off, and go home performance, but instead was a complete cultural experience. Not only were BCC’s singers able to perform, but they also got to interact with members of Temple Israel’s congregation and participate in the service fully.

Singers arrived on time for a sound check and were greeted warmly by the worship team and children’s choir at Temple Israel. This was not only a performance, but also a collaboration; BCC and Temple Israel’s choruses rehearsed quickly so they could the final number, “Give Us Hope” together. Singers enjoyed the service. A highlight was seeing Young Men’s Ensemble member, Jaleel Johnson, participate with his class from Beacon Academy in explaining the ways Martin Luther King Jr. has impacted them.

Finally it was time for CC to perform. They sang some old favorites and a few new tunes as well. A favorite of BCC singers in the audience was, “Circles of Motion” which Premier Choir members sang at PICCfest under the direction of Bob Chilcott in summer ’08. Temple Israel’s choir then joined CC; the audience loved their combined rendition of “Give Us Hope” and found it to be fitting for the spirit of the weekend. Singers left the concert feeling good, and the staff headed home to rest-up for the core of MLK weekend.

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