Monday, February 23, 2009

PC and YME Performs at Boston Inaugural Ball!

Less that 24 hours after the MLK Concert, PC and YME's singers were gladly reunited at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center to perform at the Partnership's Inaugural Ball titled "A New Birth of Freedom". Surprisingly enough, we were all very excited to see each other again... one might think that we'd be tired of seeing each other after a whole weekend of being together, but in fact it was quite the contrary, we had all missed each other very much!

Upon arrival at BCEC, we gathered in a rehearsal room where we were served a wonderful light dinner, and prepared to perform. Everyone was still pretty hyped-up from the previous day's concert and so we ended up giving a very energized performance! It felt great to perform at something affiliated with President Obama's inauguration, and we were honored to sing for the wonderful people at the Partnership's event.

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