Monday, February 23, 2009

MLK Weekend: Day Two!

The Singers had a relatively late call time, 1:30, on Sunday the 18th, making it possible for them to sleep in and then fill up on nutritious meals to allow them enough energy to make it through the day. Boston was hit with a bit of a snowstorm Sunday morning, which made it a little difficult to get to New England Conservatory’s Jordan Hall where the rehearsal was held, but everyone worked it out. Around 2:00 we began rehearsing. This rehearsal was important because it was our first time working with the instrumentalists from Project Step, a Boston based non-profit organization committed to giving kids who wouldn’t have the opportunity otherwise to learn how to play instruments. We also got to me this years batch of dancers from the Boston Arts Academy who performed with the young men of YPC and BCC on the song “Zikr.” After getting acquainted with them and practicing the combined set, we headed into Jordan Hall for a TV run through. This was our first time with all of BCC and YPC on stage, so it was a little stressful fitting 100+ singers on to the risers. However, it was handled efficiently and everyone found a place eventually. Although rehearsal went a little bit overtime, parents understood, as our MLK concert was only 24 hours away!

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