Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Intermediate Choir Performance at Fox Hill Village!

On Saturday, October 18th, the Lyric and Dorchester House II choirs combined forces to perform at Fox Hill Village, a beautiful continuing care retirement facility in Westwood. After a day of retreat, the group of 40+ singers gave the audience quite a show, performing as an ensemble for the first time! This marked the first BCC performance, and first official stage performance for many singers in the group, which they found to be very enjoyable and rewarding. Not only did they sing a full set of freshly learned music, but they also demonstrated their solfege skills for the audience; Mr. Tk led them in a series of solfege patterns, which the audience was thrilled by. By the end of the performance, the singers were exhausted yet pleased with their performance and psyched for the season to continue.

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