Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rose Kennedy Greenway Opening Performance!

Today, Premier Choir was met with two great opportunities. Not only were we able to perform, but we were also able to experience the opening of the Rose Kennedy Greenway, a very exciting event for the city of Boston. (for more information, visit We gathered at the main stage for the celebration at 10:00am and were met by our dear friends from the Boston Arts Academy, who joined us once again to share their impressive dancing skills. After a brief rehearsal in a lovely tent designated for BCC, we played a few rounds of some fun energizing games in order to get ourselves alive, awake, and ready to perform. Finally, it was time to take to the stage! We opened with Stephen Hatfield's "UberlebensgroƟ" a dependable show-stopper. We tried some new choreography at the beginning of that piece which was enjoyable and fairly successful. We then performed "Dravidian Dithyramb" with the help of the BAA dancers, who performed beautifully as usual. Its always fun to collaborate with other groups, the more the merrier! Then we closed with a classic rendition of Ysaye Barnwell's, "We Are" which we've been performing since the 06-07 season. Our set was well recieved by the quaint but enthusiastic audience and overall, we had a great first official performance!

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