Tuesday, November 11, 2008

BCC Fall Concert!

Guest Writer: Lydia Guterman, Concert Choir

We had the first all-choir concert of the year. It was spectacular! This year it was at Tremont Temple, and many new singers were introduced to performing on stage for the first time. Things were very crazy and hectic when all the singer arrived as expected, but if I must say, all choirs were absolutely wonderful! We kicked off the performance with Concert Choir singing, "Rain," "Fall," "Mocking of Youth," and "Circles of Motion." Two of these songs have been sung by the Premier choir in previous seasons, so it shows that Concert Choir is progressing along nicely. Next up we had the intermediate level choirs: Dorchester House II and Lyric. They sang a lovely set, one of my favorites being Bob Chilcott's "Like a Singing Bird". After their stunning performance we moved on to the training Choirs singing "Friendship Song" arranged by Doreen Rao, it was beautifully sung. Dorchester House I and Villa Victoria came next with their lovely voices. Finishing off we had Young Men's Ensemble and Premier Choir, BCC's most advanced choirs, singing gorgeous songs. Premier sang "Double Trouble" by John Williams, which tickled the souls of the Harry Potter fans in the audience. We closed with Premier Choir and Young Men's Ensemble singing "Keep Your Lamps" a moving spiritual. All nine choirs have really progressed a lot, especially in the last two years. Seeing and performing in this concert, and hearing about the great reviews from the concerts already put on this season, I have strong confidence that this 2008-09 season is going to be a great season for The Boston Children's Chorus!

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