Wednesday, June 29, 2011

UK Tour Day 3

By: Emma Kromm, Premier Choir
Emma has been in BCC for four years. She is fifteen years old. 

Hello everyone, from all of us in Edinburgh! We're having a wonderful beginning to our tour, with everything going smoothly, even after our approximately 30 hour long day yesterday.

YME rehearsing in St. Giles Cathedral
Today was Wednesday, the 29th; our third day of tour, although it felt like the second. Yesterday felt like one long, long day, and today was the first day where we began and finished our day in a hotel, making it feel like the first official day of tour. We woke up, still jet lagged but enthusiastic, and had a substantial continental breakfast in the Travelodge we are staying at. By 9:30 we were on the bus, off to rehearse at St. Giles Cathedral. The cathedral was breathtakingly beautiful, and everyone was in awe of the space as soon as we walked in. I heard some people around me exclaiming, "I can't believe we get to sing here!" and I felt just as lucky to have the chance to sing in this extraordinary building. I was wondering how large and ornate buildings built in the middle ages before modern machinery architects were able to create them! We sang songs like Ave Maria, Alleluia, and Lauda Sion which sounded wonderful in the cathedral, like they were meant to be sung in one (which they were!). After the concert we had some more time for an independent lunch and sightseeing around the Royal Mile. 
Some singers outside of St. Giles after our performance!

Next we departed for Loch Leven, one of Scotland's most famous lochs which doubles as a nature reserve.  We had to hours to explore and take in the beautiful sights of the loch, which included a castle on an island in the middle of the loch where Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned -- she had to sneak out dressed as a Lady in Waiting in a boat! Some singers and staff chose to take a boat to that island to look around the castle. Some people walked along the side of the loch where we discovered a really cool playground with some things we had never seen before, including a four-person rope type swing that even Mr. Victoria tried out -- I have never seen him so genuinely happy and excited, he laughed the whole time! Some people made daisy chains and we got to see some sheep, too! 

Me (Emma) and friends at Loch Leven
After a relaxing drive through the gorgeous Scottish countryside we arrived back in Edinburgh where we did some more shopping and ended up at the Renada Hotel for dinner. After dinner we headed back to the hotel and I am amazed to report that right now, at 9:40pm, it is still light out! I have never seen the sun go down here, I don't think it ever does. Now it's time to go to sleep so that tomorrow we can begin another day well-rested! Goodnight!

The whole gang! 

P.S. Hi Mom and Dad! I love and miss you, and am really sorry I haven't been able to e-mail, there's no free wifi here, keep reading the blog and I'll send you an e-mail as soon as I can! Also, please put more money on my card, if that is possible.  


Carlos Simental's Mom said...

I'm so happy to know how much you are enjoying your trip, you all are great, very nice anecdotes, greetings to all, for my son Carlos Simental a hug and a kiss rather large.

Carlos Simental's Mom

Laurie Annie said...

Thanks for the new from across the pond! Great stories and pictures. Tell Aaron we're playing where's waldo and we want more than half of him sometime soon. Best of luck with your concert. Love, Laurie, Barb and Michael Hume

Drita said...

Keep up with writing the details and please take more photos! Love, Drita (Alyssa's mom)

Tim Howard said...

Fabulous photos and blog entries! Not only are you wonderful singers, you are vivid writers, too. We're glad to hear your first concert at St. Giles went well and that you're getting over jet lag. For our son, Danny, a special XO. Ta ta for now!

Alexis Tice said...

I love you all! That picture of you all makes me miss you. Be safe and take in everything around you! Can't wait to keep reading the blog and commenting on how jealous I am! ;)

xoxo Alexis

Tim Ferguson said...

Great blog glad everyone is enjoying the tour. Has anyone eaten Haggis yet?

Maria Elena said...

What a wonderful opportunity - we are so proud of BCC and of course, our Pablo. Everybody looks wonderful - please keep the pic's coming!

Maria Elena said...

What a wonderful opportunity - we are so proud of BCC and of course, our Pablo. Everybody looks wonderful - please keep the pic's coming!

Miles Family said...

Greetings to all- Nice pics it's wonderful to know you are all doing well. We wish you all the best with your performances and travels. BMiles big hugs.
Enjoy! Mike/Therese

Bob Siefert said...

You make me feel like I am there. But I'm not. I'm jealous!! But I am so happy that you are having a wonderful time!

Boston Children's Chorus said...

Hello to all the parents and Alexis! It is great to hear from you! I'll share these comments with everyone tomorrow morning :) - Casey Accardi

Anthony Trecek-King said...

No haggis yet...but maybe soon!