Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hanoi Opera House Performance

A spectacular building in Hanoi played host to the Ambassadors of Harmony on June 29, as a large crowd were enthralled by the vibrant songs of BCC.

But enough of my words...Nguyet Minh Le was an audience member and said thus: "

YOU GUYS BLEW MY MIND TONIGHT ♥ ♥ ♥ :"i had just wonderful and unforgetable moments ! ! ! hearing you guys gives me the inspiration and...feelings that i can not express by words!!!! "

Not a bad job in expression, in fairness :) In addition to the old favorites such as "Rock My Soul" and "We Sing" that were sang with great gusto, the folk song from Vietnam was a big, big hit. It's especially poignant that "We Sing" was first performed in public on Boston City Hall Plaza in September and has traveled all the way to Hanoi Opera House.

The theater itself was a thing of beauty- a French neoclassic style building with a wonderful acoustic value. It's truly an honor for BCC's young singers to perform in such a space. Hats off to everyone for making this happen!

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