Thursday, November 29, 2012

....filled the room with energy

By Gabi Mathews, Section Leader - Concert Choir

At the first concert of the season, I was crammed onto risers in Jordan Hall. With six choirs and a special guest singer, the concert promised to be amazing. I've been a member of BCC for 5 years now and the thrill of performing always hits me right before a concert. Something about the conductor's smile and the way the music comes together with ease-- at least hopefully it does.

I spent so much time preparing with Concert Choir on our pieces that hearing PC, YME & the intermediate choirs was a bit of a shock. I was really impressed with the tone of BCC's new choir, Central Intermediate Advanced.

Originally I thought the BCC anthem “We Sing” was another Jim Papoulis piece but the leader of the discussion panel following the show spoke so highly of the song (especially the lyrics "we sing the hope of tomorrow/our time/this is our call") and it made me view the song differently. At the end of the panel, encore of the BCC anthem, everyone was clapping and singing together. It filled the room with energy; I teared up a little. It embodied the community BCC has been building for the past 10 year.


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