Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It has changed me on so many levels

Kobi Russell
Young Men's Ensemble

Hello, this is Kobi Russell, and I’m a proud singer of the Young Men’s Ensemble. I was recently promoted to this high level of singing expertise, which was a very exciting step up from an intermediate chorus. I have been in the BCC for 6 years this being my 7th and all throughout the experience it has made me a different person. It has been truly amazing.

"I am much more confident in things I do outside and inside of the BCC community"

It has changed me on so many levels. When I was a young singer I wouldn’t even open my mouth more than a half-centimeter wide! I would be looking around stage, not paying attention. Going through the process from training to intermediate, and then to advanced has brought out my voice both as a singer and as a leader. I am much more confident in things I do outside and inside of the BCC community.

"...a sense of confidence and sense of self..."

I have made new friends here at the Boston Children’s Chorus that I hope to keep for the rest of my life. The staff here, Mr. TK, Mrs. Adams, and all the other people that made this possible like Hubie Jones the founder and former president have inspired me to sing out literally and to sing out as a leader in my school and in other places.

This year I am trying to get on my Temple’s Youth Group’s board and be a leader there, and I want to organize a Winter Social at my school so that all the students can socialize and dance and hang out. Without some of the leadership skills and confidence that BCC has taught me, I probably never would have taken so much leadership and tried to make what I wanted possible. This is why I thank BCC for all it’s given me. A wonderful Tenor 1 voice, a sense of confidence and sense of self, and I am so grateful that my time in Young Men’s is just beginning and I am so excited to see what amazing opportunities it will bring.

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