Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Training Chorus Retreats

Saturday, October 10 was retreat day for the Training Choirs at BCC Central. Ms. Idichera worked with West End House and Central Training first. Singers focused on polishing music for the November 7 season opening concert and started on holiday music for the December 5th concert. Students had time to socialize over snacks that everyone brought to share. Singers also interviewed one another and asked each other what their favorite song to sing or listen to and what their goal for the year is.

The hand of the last person singers interviewed was traced on a poster signifying that all the singers were united to help each other be successful this year.

Dorchester House Training and Villa Victoria also met in the afternoon for their retreat. Ms. Adams also prepared November 7 and December 5 music. Thanks to all the singers and families that brought in snacks and helped throughout the day.

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