Wednesday, July 1, 2009

BCC Arrives in Jordan!

We've arrived in Jordan! It's really exciting to finally be here. Right now it's almost 11:00pm Jordan time and we're all winding down to go to bed. Yesterday we met at BCC central for a 2pm departure by bus to head to New York. After loading all of our luggage onto the bus and saying farewells to our parents, we left approximately on-time, which is a feat for this group!

Our bus ride was fairly uneventful. Because we're such a large group, we had to split up into two buses. Upon arrival at JFK, we checked in and got dinner before boarding our flight at 9:45. Our flight from JFK to Amman Airport in Jordan was eleven hours... eleven hours is a LONG TIME! Thankfully though, many of us were able to get some sleep and we all entertained each other pretty well.

It was quite odd to arrive in Jordan after traveling nineteen hours and have it be 5 in the afternoon. We lost a whole day in there somewhere... so strange. But provided we sleep well tonight, we will have adjusted to Jordan time fairly easily. To most of us, it felt like 5pm when we landed, which is great!

Clearing customs was surprisingly easy. Probably because we're a large group, the airport staff was lenient and accommodating in terms of working with us... they collected our passports and returned them swiftly, avoiding individual processing for each person. Also, our checked luggage was transported directly from the plane to our hotel rooms with minimal help from us. Overall, we're pretty well taken care of!

Once we arrived at the Amman Marriot Hotel, we gathered with our roommates, got situated in our rooms, ate a quick dinner, and then settled in for a much needed rehearsal. Although most of us were pretty tired, it felt great to get together with the whole group and sing.

Right now we're getting ready for bed. We hope to sleep a full night so that we're feeling good for tomorrow as we have a jam-packed day that's sure to be awesome! We're trying hard to keep healthy and hydrated which is made easier by Pepsi, our official drink sponsor for this tour. Check out the picture below of singers showing off the new polos we received from Pepsi. How cute, thanks Pepsi!

Check back soon for more updates!

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