Sunday, May 31, 2009

CC Tours to Connecticut!

BCC's Concert Choir (CC) toured to Connecticut May 2nd and 3rd. To catch up with the group, BCC blogger, Casey Accardi, conducted a Q&A session with them following their trip.

Blog: So I understand you had to leave pretty early in the morning for tour?
CC: Yeah we had to be at BCC central by 7:15 am which was not easy! We almost had to leave without Clare but she just made it in time. Needless to say, our bus ride to Connecticut was pretty quiet because we were still sleepy. But Francesca made cookies which was a nice morning treat! Mr. Tk has a strict no singing on the bus rule although there was some mysterious singing coming from the back of the bus...

Blog: Well as long as Mr. Tk doesn't hear it, it's okay! Where did you arrive in Connecticut?
CC: After two hours of relaxing on the bus, we reached the Kingswood-Oxford School in West Hartford, Connecticut. The school was really nice! It felt more like a miniature college campus than a school. The chorus students were really welcoming. We started off by playing an ice-breaker game with them which was fun and then settled into rehearsal.

Blog: What did you rehearse?
CC: We sang about 12 songs from our own repertoire and then did a number of combined pieces with the Kingswood-Oxford singers. One favorite was "We Are Together", a song originally sung by the Agape Children's Choir, thats really enjoyable and powerful to sing. During the rehearsal, we mostly practiced the combined pieces so that all singers could be on the same page. At one point, Francesca had a clumsy moment and fell off the risers -- she was totally fine, it was pretty funny!

Blog: Sounds great! I hope you guys stopped to have lunch...?
CC: Oh yes don't worry, we did! They had a great cafeteria at Kingswood-Oxford. We had a nice selection of burritos, cookies, and chips to eat. During lunch, we got to sit with the K-O singers and get to know them which was awesome. They told us that in early April, they went on tour to Chicago and got to work with our friends the Chicago Children's Choir -- small world, isn't it?!

Blog: Small world indeed! So how was the actual concert?
CC: The concert with the K-O singers was great! They're a really good choir, it was awesome to exchange songs with them. The performance space was large but felt cozy -- it was ideal. The audience was sizeable and quite enthusiastic. Its safe to say fun was had by all. It was one of our best concerts of the year.

Blog: Super! How were your homestays?
Homestays were so much fun! We were intentionally partnered with people from CC that we didn't know very well, which was excellent because we made great friends with each other. Additionally, we got to know K-O singers and their families more personally -- everyone was so nice! We really appreciated them for welcoming us into their homes.

Blog: How lovely! How was your sunday?
Sunday was an action packed day! We got up bright and early and had farewell breakfast with our host families. Then we headed to Center Church Hartford to perform at their 9:00 am service. They have a great music ministry there, it was wonderful working with them. After the service, we grabbed lunch and then got back on the bus to go home. On the way, we watched Finding Nemo... such a great movie. Overall, our whirlwind tour of Connecticut was a fantastic experience!

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