Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Classroom Cantatas - collaboration preview!

On May 8th, Premier Choir will be performing with the Cantata Singers at Jordan Hall. While the main piece that we're preparing is Britten's "Psalm 150", today we got the opportunity to work on another piece with the 4th grade class of Dorchester's Neighborhood House Charter School. These 4th graders are not your everyday 4th graders -- they're composers too! Through the Cantata Singer's program called Classroom Cantatas, NHCS' 4th graders worked with teaching artists and classroom teachers to compose the words and music of their own original cantatas. They created two cantatas, "The Caterpillar" and "Wrens and Robins" which we learned and sung with them this afternoon. It was an exciting exchange because NHCS taught us their songs, and in turn we taught them the basics of solfege and performed a few of our own pieces for them.

Above is a super short sneak preview of the song "Wrens and Robins"... come to the May 8th concert to see the whole thing as well as other awesome works!

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