Sunday, September 16, 2007

BCC 07-08: Parent Meeting

Guest Writer: Ken Accardi (BCC Parent)

On September 15th, all of the parents of BCC gathered together to start off the season with a Parent Meeting. This is the fifth year of the Boston Children's Chorus and things have really changed. Around four years ago this time the parents of the original 20 chorus members met in a similar way, but on a smaller scale. However, now there are 300 kids in the BCC it was amazing to see what a crowd assembled to kick off the year. The meeting was held in the cafeteria of Roxbury Community College and ended up being a standing room only event. This year there's not just one chorus like the pioneering choir of 2003, but instead there are nine, including four neighborhood choruses (Villa Victoria, West End House, Dorchester House I and Dorchester House II) and five that meet at BCC Central (Treble, Lyric, Concert, Young Men's Voice Class, and Premier). I knew the first time I met Hubie Jones that the man dreamed big dreams and made things happen, but this is amazing everyone. With the unity and diversity in the room, there can be no question that this chorus family will maximize the power of music to create social change.

Annette Rubin kicked off the meeting with a great welcome and review of the growth described above, and she introduced the staff, including now two program coordinators, an assistant artistic director, a business manager, two marketing managers, three teaching fellows, and three accompanists - wow! Her last introduction was Anthony Trecek-King who spoke with passion on so many subjects. First it came through clearly how much Mr T-K loves the kids and how he now feels at home within the chorus. But then he spoke about the mission for this year and how we're just beginning to tap the potential of the chorus. He is committed to pushing the kids hard to do the best they can do, and among other things he spoke about how he wants our kids to be ambassadors of music in their schools. In fact, he said that he wants schools throughout greater Boston to see kids in their BCC shirts and know that they are role models, great students, and great community members, in addition to being great singers. Next was the always hilarious David Howse. David spoke about all aspects of operations, communications, and logistics of the chorus. Most notably he spoke about the demand for our choirs to perform and shared that sometimes he gets five requests in a single day. The final speakers were two lovely mothers from parents organization who encouraged all parents to realize the importance of participation in the chorus family.

At the commence of the Parent Meeting, everyone (parents and choristers!) were invited to engage in a make-your-own sundae buffet, which was greatly enjoyed by all.

We're off to a great start of a great year!

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